Executive Search 

Identify, evaluates, and recruit candidates for executive-level positions within global client organizations

Market Research

Conduct research on industry trends, compensation packages, and other factors to help our clients make data  informed decisions about hiring and retention

Talent Mapping 

Creates new databases of potential candidates for current or future positions, allowing clients to proactively identify and approach qualified candidates

Succession Planning

Assists clients in planning for the long-term leadership of their organizations, including identifying and grooming potential successors for key positions

Diversity & Inclusion

Helps clients develop strategies and practices to promote diversity and inclusion within their organizations, including recruiting and retaining diverse executive talent

Board Search & Advisory

Identifies and recruits candidates for board positions, as well as provides advisory services to boards and board members

Outplacement Services

Provide support and resources to individuals who have been displaced from their executive positions, including career coaching, job search assistance, and networking opportunities

Executive Coaching

Provide coaching and training to help executives improve their leadership skills, increase their effectiveness, and achieve their professional goals